Here is my speech I gave at a TDoR vigil this year, I thought I’d publish it on here

Hello everyone, we’ve all come here today to remember the trans people who are not with us anymore. This year has been especially hard. The pandemic has made us feel more isolated. Many trans people who were stuck in abusive situations, unable to leave due to the coronavirus. The added times to waiting list for not just transition related care, but mental health, physio or even GP appointments. The black trans people we have lost due to police brutality and white supremacy. The constant attack on trans people in the British media. 2020 has been chaotic for trans people to say the least. All of these things and many more have cost trans lives.

Our survival has been under constant threat. Even when we try to hide our authentic selves from the world. Even when we try to conform to the archaic rules that this society places on us. The rules that feel like hot coals under our feet. Constantly moving to avoid getting burned and yet unable to stay still to take a moment for ourselves, a moment to think. A moment to ask for our wants and not needs.

Some of us have succumbed to these coals, because it’s exhausting to keep moving. The barrage of transphobia, bigotry and violence which burns hotter under our feet than for the cis.

If you are struggling, lean on us, lean on your siblings, lean on me, because at least we have a better chance together, than alone. Our solidarity makes us stronger, we all have diverse skills to help each other up. Let us help those who are less able, so that they are able to think about their wants for once. To give them a chance to aspire, thrive rather than just survive. So we can hope to end the violence we face.

One thing I want to address to the allies and organisations that claim to stand with us today. If you aren’t for decriminalising sex work, vocally fighting against racism and police brutality, supporting immigrants and asylum seekers. You aren’t fighting to prevent the murder of the majority of trans victims this year.

And for those we have lost due to the violence and systemic transphobia, I hope that in their next lives they find peace.

If you want to help trans people like me in Wales donate to our mutual aid.