It’s Me Shash!

 Shash's face

Hi all!

I’m Shash Appan! This is my personal website!

I’m an Indian trans woman who happens who to be good at talking to people about trans and race and especially on how that intersects! I’m a co-founder of and volunteer a lot of my time to running Trans Aid Cymru.

My Twitter: @ItsShash1

My email: [email protected]

I do a lot of public speaking feel free to get in touch to hire me, a few examples below!

I also have all these skills below:

  • Image manipulation
  • DevOps
  • TrueNAS
  • Proxmox
  • Building PCs
  • Sysadmin
  • Web-hosting
  • Python
  • Shell
  • PHP (But I will not voluntarily work on it.)
  • Docker/Podman
  • LXC Containers
  • Virtualisation (QEMU/libvirt)